You know when you have a band, it's not just about playing your guitar parts right; it's about learning how to play with others, communicating your musical ideas, getting along with your bandmates and having fun!

I will come to your rehearsal space for the lesson.

These are some of the concepts we will explore:

  • Songwriting

  • Song arrangement

  • Arranging and playing a cover song

  • Timing and rhythmic feel

  • Understanding and executing dynamics 

  • Volume balance between instruments

  • Song list for live shows

  • Gear check 

  • Understanding mixer eq and PA/microphone feedback

  • Promoting your music

  • Booking a show

  • Bringing people to a show

No matter what style of music your band plays, there is one basic skill to master in order to improve your sound: being able to listen and react to the music that is made around you. I will show you how to improve it.